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Jasmin Organics

Pure Natural Beauty Certified Organic Skin Care and Aromatherapy Products

The Jasmin Organics products are made on our own certified organic farm and manufacturing facilities at the top of Mt. Tamborine, in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of Australia. Nestled deep in the heart of Tamborine Mountain’s spectacular rain forests, the Jasmin Organics Farm was created as a spiritual home to bring our vision to life. We strive not only to produce the most effective and natural skincare range in the world but did so in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, combining the healing powers of Nature and Aromatherapy with the time-tested processes of Science. This was made possible by our team of botanists, aromatherapists, leading formulators and process specialists, who were all passionate about creating organic skincare.

From here we cultivate Jasmine, Roses, Camellia, Lavender, a variety of fruits such as Avocado, Grapefruit, and Plums, plus a wide variety of herbs.

We welcome visitors and guests to stroll through the gardens and fruit orchards, take in the aromas and experience the sights and sounds, cumulative of the surrounding natural wonders. We use our own mountain spring water, while bees from the hives help pollinate the flowers and provide the honey and bee waxes.


Koala Baby Organics

Gentle Purity you can trust

Koala Baby Organics range was developed for Mums, Babies, and Toddlers with one aim in mind: 
We have achieved these goals and in the process created the highest organic standards possible.
Every Koala Baby Organics product contains between 95% and 100% Certified Organic ingredients.

rose quartz crystal water bottles
rose quartz
rose quartz crystal water bottle
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Positive Life Energy

There are 3 things that work together to create a positive experience when drinking from a Miijo Crystal Water Bottle. Firstly, the human body needs water to live. It is fact that if we drink more (around 1 liter for every 20kgs) per day our body performs better, we can think clearer and the functions of the body operate more easily.  There are other health benefits like weight management and hydration. Secondly, our thought forms create our life, and in turn, our thoughts and emotions affect our bodies and the world around us. Some people might call this a vibe, or energy, or aura, any way you look at it we are affected and can affect the people and things we come in contact with, in a positive or negative way. Thirdly, crystals hold a vibrational frequency which is in tune with our chakras. It is said crystal become charged with the energy or intentions of their owner. Powering crystals with positive intentions encourages focus on your goals and intentions. Using the power of positive thought, crystal energy and water together marries the benefits of hydration and the continued reminder of positive thoughts and intentions, benefiting the user.


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Amazing product, excellent value for money

I cannot recommend Jasmin Organics highly enough, their products are absolutely amazing. My favorite is their essential oils which are just perfect for busy men like me, as they help me relax and de-stress. If you're ever on Mt Tamborine, a visit to their beautiful farm is an absolute must.

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I absolutely LOVE it! I found that their products have cleared up my skin and helped with other issues. I've completely stocked up across both the Baby and Mumma's range, can't get enough

clear quarz crystal water bottle

Feeling good having my Miijo bottle. I’m encouraged to drink water 💦 I think cause I can’t stop looking at the 
Amethyst Crystal.Its eye catching,I feel good. 
Have recommended to family & friends. 👍🏼🤓
Cheers Fiona Shoalwater WA.