About Us

The Life Changing Shop was born from Marika’s purpose to switch to a natural and healthier lifestyle.

She likes to define this big change in her life as a “New beginning”, and the real deed was to unlearn what she had once learned. This awakening was not easy, and the big learning curve started when she got pregnant. What initially felt scary and challenging, made her become a stronger and more educated person, most importantly, she enjoyed every single step of the process.

            “Trusting my awakening makes me be sure of something: that I can live life at the fullest by doing what is right for my family while preserving the lifestyle I always longed for. This is my real purpose in life”

Marika’s has proved that the Universe always shows you the path; so if you are reading this, it means that your soul is ready for a change too. You are exactly where you meant to be right now.

Life is precious, be kind to nature, be kind to yourself.

Why Life Changing Shop?

At the Life Changing Shop you will find the products that I use on a regular basis for my daughter, family and household.

What makes them so genuine and worth of being showcased at the Life Changing Shop is that they are high-quality standards, natural, no animal tested, toxin-free and Certified Organic by Organic Food Chain of Australia ( OFC ) and Cosmos Organic, two of the strictest organic regulations.

Jasmin Organics is the range of skincare every woman deserves for their beauty routine. It deeply nourishes your skin while getting carried away for its divine fragrance of essential oils... It truly feels as if you were in a Spa every time you use them.

The brand Koala Baby Organics is a must in your family if you have a baby, extremely effective and delicate enough to balance the natural skin oil required for the normal development in newborn babies. It is also a very safe range to use while you are pregnant or nursing.

The Pure Certified Organic Essential Oils are a great companion for our house, and the best way is to use them in a diffuser. It creates a positive and relaxing vibe to awaken your emotions, but you can also use them for cleaning and medical purposes!

The Miijo Crystal Water Bottles are just stunning! Crystals have been used to protect against illness and facilitate healing in the body since the eighth century B.C.. The water will absorbs the energetic vibrations of the crystals, store it and release into your body. I love crystals as they interact with your Chakra promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Having one in my water bottle change the way I go through my day in even more positive way (plus, it gives kind of a luxury look to my style!)

Love to you