SINGLE SET : 1 Shell + 1 insert + 1 Booster


OSFM stands for One-Size-Fits-Most and is suitable for weight ranges between 4kg up to 20kg.


Designer Modern Cloth Nappies for the Minimalist!

The Ultimate Snap-in-Snap-Out Nappy system, featuring Australia's own original reusable and wipeable Shell.

Our nappy collection is designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Thoughtfully designed in Australia & ethically created featuring custom elements and signature hand-painted and commissioned artworks.

Our innovative design features of the shell, offer the ability to reuse your shell through numerous changing, which makes using our nappies on-the-go, so efficient! Understanding how the nappy components fit together has never been more simple!

Our absorbent inserts and boosters simply snap or lay into the lining of the shell!

Perfect for any parent who is new to cloth, as well as grandparents, daycares, and friends who may be responsible for changing your little one!  

Golden Summer

  • Involves two options to allow for custom shaping and fit:

    •  Groin Snap-Rise System: 4x size settings allowing parents to customise to a longer/shorter nappy and to provide a custom fit around thighs. 

    (These snaps are situated in the lower section of the front of the nappy shell.)

    • 2. Waist-Size System: Double row of snaps situated at the top of the front of the nappy shell, to allow for a personalised fit to baby’s waist size. Overlapping closure feature also available.


    SNAP INSERT: Snap insert into lining of cloth nappy shell or for more absorbency (Overnight/Heavy wetters): Snap booster in first, then snap the insert on top


    FIT : Lay baby on top of open nappy, ensuring back of nappy sits just at the top of baby’s bottom crack. Pull front panel to sit confortably just below belly button. Bring side waist tabs up and around baby for a snug fit. Snapping the extra hip snap is optional on larger bubs with chuncky thighs. 


    ADJUST: Shorten nappy if needing a trimmer fit for your baby, via the varied rows of snaps below the waist snaps. Connect the row by lifting upwards, and snaps into the top row. 


    PUSH: Once groin snaps have been adjusted, push any excess fabric between the row of snaps upwards, to tuck in neatly. 


    TUCK: Run a finger along inside of groin elastics and pull both shell and insert guessets, to ensure insert sits flat.Tuck groin elastic back in to baby's underwear line. 


    CHECK: Ensure no gaps around back or inner thighs, and two fingers width in between front panel and baby's tummy so there is some space for when baby is sitting up.