“The Jambu” Crystal Water Bottle Carrier is 100% handmade from the finest twisted organic cotton. The unique colour options available are generated from the all-natural plant-based dyeing method. Miijo Crystal Water Bottles fit snuggly inside the carrier, with a cute gold Miijo X Macraman tag. The net windows means you can still see your crystal and remind yourself of your intentions.

The thickness of the macrame also means your glass bottle is protected. So much better then a “neoprene, stubbie cooler”! 


Made from all-natural, eco-friendly materials using plant based dyes. 


Twisted Organic Cotton
85 cm L




Beautiful and practical.

It's a fantastic product- and you can still see the crystal water bottle inside. It is cute yet sturdy and alleviates concern about breaking the bottle.

Jambu - Crystal Water Bottle Carrier