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Special treat for a Mum to be!

This Gift box inclued what a Mum need to get ready for the special event.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love, holding romantic energy to open your heart chakra, allowing you more love in your life, but is also the stone of the Self Love. 

This is a must to have when labour is getting closer. Childbirth Labour Support blend is formulated to help balance the body and mind from the time her contractions start through to the time when baby is born. Childbirth can be a stressful moment for mummy and we want to assist this moment with the power of Essential Oil.

A superb calming and soothing Gel Spray for easy application for both mum and baby, from prevention of stretch marks to soothe your baby skin showing redness, itchiness or dryness.

A safe, soft, luxurious talc-free Powder designed to keep baby dry after nappy change and bath time, while the organic lavender flower aroma provides a fresh and calming effect.

Treat a Mum to be in this special moment of her life!!!

Mum to be

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