1 x 75ml Purifying Foaming Cleanser
1 x 100ml Pure lavender Mist
1 x 30ml Firming Eye Gel
1 x 15ml Anti-Ageing Serum


100% Natural | 90.00% Certified Organic




Purifying Foaming Cleanser

Washes away all the toxins and impurities from your skin, leaving your face feeling perfectly clean, silky and radiant, without the taut feeling associated with traditional chemical-based cleansers.


Pure Lavender Mist

The Lavender Mist has been uniquely formulated from pure certified organic Lavender water which has been distilled from the flowers of the Lavender plant. The spray can be used throughout the day to soothe and rehydrate the skin while its soft fragrance will help relax and calm the emotions.


Firming Eye Gel

This Firming Eye Gel is enriched with the very highest quality essential oils, plant and flower extracts. This helps reduce fine lines whilst firming and moisturising the delicate tissue surrounding the eyes. It can be worn under makeup and is especially useful relieving dark, puffy eyes in the morning.


Anti-Ageing Serum

Jasmin Organics’ “Liquid Gold” designed to deeply penetrate and hydrate skin’s deeper layers. It absorbs into the skin quickly and helps reduce and slow the signs of ageing typically shown by wrinkles, dry skin, spots, acne and sun damaged skin. It leaves your skin feeling supple and softer whilst simultaneously smoothing wrinkles and moisturizing ageing skin.




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