Our beloved Mummy's Tummy Cream is on special now, either with Aloe Gel Spray or with the Chilbirth Support Essential Oil for the big day. Just send us a message us which combo you prefer! 


The Mummy's Tummy cream is a non- greasy cream created to prevent the apparence of the stretch marks, all pure natural ingredients with an exquisite aromatherapeutic blend of Orange, Neroli, Lavander, Frankincense and petitgrain oils.

100% Natural 91.62% Certified Organic Content


A superb calming and soothing Gel Spray for easy application for both mum and baby.  This can be used in conjuction of the Tummy cream especially if previuos stretch marks are present. 

100% Natural 96% Certified Organic Content


Childbirth can be stressful for mummy and baby.

This blend is formulated to help balance the body and mind from the time her contractions start through to the time when baby is born.

Pure essential oils have been selected by our Aromatherapist to assist mummy through the birthing process. 

100% Certified Organic Content

Tummy cream& Aloe Gel Spray

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